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Ken Cheney

Managing Partner

“We are dedicated to continuously improving ourselves and our company. We have a culture built on a cycle of ideating, delivering, learning, and evolving.”

Our Core Values and Principles:

We Are Customer Focused

As a core principle we start with the customer and what is required to help them be better than their peers through the use of the products and services we offer. It is our job to enable our customers to be wildly successful.

We Show Up

As the cartoon character G.I. Joe says, "Half the battle is just showing up." We believe showing up mentally present and engaged is critical to success and a core value for our company.

We Prioritize Safety

Physical and psychological safety are a core principle. We expect the physical health and safety as well as the mental health of individuals at our company are protected and respected. We strive to achieve a healthy work/life balance to provide employees the opportunity to be successful at work and home. We take actions within our means to improve the physical and psychological safety of our employees families, our customers and prospects, and the broader community.

We Prioritize by Impact

We value solving big problems with outsized positive impacts for our clients and our company.

We Practice Curiosity, Learning, and Continuous Improvement

We value continuously improving ourselves, our company, our customers, and our broader community and hold to the principle that teams and individuals constantly question, explore, learn, invent, improve, simplify, and adapt.

We Are Accountable

As a core principle, accountability is not shirked even when goals and responsibilities are shared. If the work must get done, you get it done. Every team member is accountable for their actions and behaviors. We value striving to ensure our intentions align with our actions and we are accountable for the latter. We value a focus on delivering long-term value over short-term results. We prioritize taking the right actions for our customers and our company over our personal interests.

We Minimize Our Environmental Impact

As a company, we strive to understand the fully loaded costs of our activities. This includes the environmental costs. We value the frugal usage of resources not only for the principle of a continual focus on cost reduction, but also for the value of preventing or reducing any harmful impact we may have on the environment. We continually identify and improve our business operations, products, and services to have a positive impact on the environment.

We Discuss, Decide, and Commit

When participating in the research, proposal options, discussion, evaluation, and decision-making for open issues and choices, we value input even in the face of strong disagreement and have a principle that everyone commits when a decision is final.

Velocity Matters to Our Business

We value focusing on velocity to align speed with intention when bringing ideas to market. We strive to continuously raise the bar on our expectations of ourselves and others to increase velocity and deliver outsized results safer, at a lower cost, and with an improvement in quality.

We Trust but Verify

We develop, manage, question, and tune the metrics used to steer the business to ensure actuals meet or exceed our plans as a core principle. We understand and actively manage the business using forward-looking predictive metrics to ensure we deliver results that are measured using backward-looking metrics such as revenues and profits. We audit metrics and activities frequently to identify improvements. We compare anecdotes against metrics and dive deep when they do not match to identify and resolve the underlying issues.

We are a Diverse Company

Diversity is a core value and critical to our success. Diversity starts with the principle that we hire people from diverse backgrounds to ensure we are inclusive, adaptable, resilient, and representative of the broader community in which we live. It also means valuing and actively encouraging the engagement and input of diverse individuals on our teams through mentoring, giving space to speak, listening, consideration, and respect to improve customer outcomes, our business, and our community.

We Are Part of a Community

We value networking and relationships and taking the time to meet, gain diverse perspectives, and contribute to the the betterment of others across our company, customers, market, and the broader community.



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