What We Do

Three types of services to help you outperform and win

Transformative consulting engagements designed to modernize a stale go-to-market.

Short-term consulting projects to improve marketing and sales.

Agency work done on a retained basis to provide ongoing support.


Typical project phases to launch a new go-to-market


Phase One

(~6 to 12 weeks)

Market category definition

Develop point-of-view

Messaging and positioning


Phase Two

(~6 to 12 weeks)

Brand identity development

Define industry best practices


Phase Three

(~6+ weeks)

Build GTM assets

Sales enablement

Marketing and sales automation

Press and analyst activities

Public launch of new GTM

Post-launch campaigns

Typical steps for each project phase

01. Establish market category
(phase 1)

Market landscape analysis

Internal and customer interviews


Category development

06. GTM launch
(phase 3)

Sales and partner enablement

Launch events

Launch community

Launch new brand identity

Launch new digital assets and other content

Press and Analyst Relations briefings and campaigns

Marketing and sales campaigns


05. Build GTM (phase 3)

Development for product-market-fit

Marketing and sales methodology and processes

Marketing and sales automation

Content development

Community development


02. Develop point-of-view
(phase 1)


Message house

Positioning and messaging for market point-of-view, company, and products

03. Create brand identity
(phase 2)

Creative concept platform

Visual identity (logo and other assets)

Brand guidelines

04. Identify best practices (phase 2)

Best practices framework

Best practices maturity model

Capability mapping to best practices

Metrics and measures

Targeted projects limited in scope


Short-Term Projects

Strategic project examples:
Executive and customer workshops
Competitive analysis
Sales leadership
Board meeting prep
Fundraising planning and pitch development
Press and analyst relations
Tactical project examples:
Sales enablement
Content marketing
Certification program development
Community building
Marketing and sales tools and automation
Webinars and other industry events
Sales coaching and mentorship


Retained agency services to cover gaps in staffing and assist teams


Digital Ad, Search, and Social Programs

  • Organic search optimization
  • SEO and SERP optimization
  • Web and social digital ad campaigns
  • Digital retargeting campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Brand awareness campaigns
  • Lead generation campaigns (inbound, field, or online/digital only)
  • Email and text/SMS marketing
  • User acquisition campaigns
  • Conversion from user to customer campaigns
  • Customer referral campaigns
  • Customer expansion campaigns
  • Promotions, discounts, and competitive take-out campaigns

Product Marketing Programs

Partner and Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Joint marketing campaigns
  • Co-selling programs (sell-with, sell-through)
  • Strategic business development

Community Marketing Programs

  • Online Customer and Industry Communities
  • Webinars, meetups, trade shows, and other industry events
  • Customer and industry trainings and workshops
  • Industry and product certification programs
Sales Operations and Enablement
  • Onboarding training for field sales, inside sales, partner sales, and technical sales new hires
  • Annual and quarterly sales kickoff event planning and execution
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Ongoing weekly or monthly sales training and enablement
  • Win-loss analysis
  • Customer case studies
  • Sales playbooks (Sales plays, sales motions, sales collateral, competitive analysis and kill sheets, customer case studies)
  • Sales pitch development
  • Sales portals for sales resources and other automation
  • Training on sales and marketing tools and automation such as CRM
  • Sales process, skills, and methodology training such as account based selling, MEDDIC, DISC, challenger sales, and strategic selling
  • Sales knowledge and skills certifications
Press and Analyst Relations

Press Relations

  • PR communications strategy
  • Product, brand, and company launches
  • Industry news and events
  • Social media and influencer relations
  • Story development
  • Content development: Third-party articles and bylines
  • Content development: Ghost writing
  • Content development: Press releases, blog posts, and other content
  • Internal communications
  • Press training
  • Executive spokesperson development
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • KPIs: Share-of-Voice and other performance analytics

Analyst Relations

  • Analyst briefings
  • Collaboration on analyst research and reports
  • Analyst recognition and awards
  • Analyst training
Fractional Leadership
  • Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services
  • Digital marketing and revenue marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Customer marketing
  • Community development and marketing
  • Press and analyst relations
  • Strategic business development
Brand and Content
  • Brand identity development
  • Brand building
  • Messaging and positioning
  • Content writing
  • Social media and influencer marketing
  • Website design and development
Other Services
  • Internal, customer, and industry surveys
  • Customer Advisory Boards (CABS)
  • Board meeting preparation
  • Fundraising presentations
  • Executive off-sites
  • Community events
  • Company meetings

Why Choose Us?

We're a rarity, a B2B marketing agency team with real-world experience leading product, marketing, and sales at startups and large enterprises to successful business outcomes.


Hiring top-tier talent to improve your go-to-market is a daunting task. Instead of the time and cost spent hiring a team, leverage us to accelerate your business. ModernGTM has delivered client outcomes 100x the investment made in our services.


Our team of brings a wealth of experience building and executing a modern go-to-market across many different types of organizations. We are innovative in our use of cutting-edge techniques and tools to help you differentiate and win business.


We've built multiple operating models ourselves, including recurring revenue businesses such as SaaS, cloud, or subscription, as well as e-commerce B2C and B2B marketplaces, marketing, advertising, and PR agencies, managed services, system integrators, and open-source software businesses expanded through community adoption.


Our team has experience marketing and selling to nearly every industry across every major market globally. We've entered and won markets across multiple geographies.



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