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The Secret Formula for Go-to-Market

This article by Dave Bailey provides insights he derived from attending a lecture by Jim Latten at Stanford GSB. It defines and explains a go-to-market starting with this simplistic equation: Distribution = Eco-system Participants + Incentives

Modern GTM Will Break The CRM

As discussed in this ModernGTM blog post, a modern go-to-market fundamentally changes the traditional operating model for marketing and sales. This article by Grace Huang dives into new approaches to address today's challenges when crafting a modern go-to-market with a focus on BizOps/RevOps.

How to build a go-to-market strategy that attracts ideal customers

This article from provides a broad overview the components and terminology used when constructing a go-to-market.

Your Product is Your Go-to-Market Strategy. Here's Why.

In the era of user-driven sales, user acquistion, conversion to paid, and expansion are critical for success. In this article by Scott Maxwell you will get an insightful take on the importance of understanding product is key to a go-to-market.

Google Design

Google's Annual "Best of" is worth looking at as user or customer experience is critical to improve conversion rates and drive expansion. In particular, viewing your website as part of your product is important - critical if you are SaaS vendor. Best of Design for 2019 and 2020,

What It is Like to be a Product Marketer (PMM)?

This video is a useful take on what is required to be a PMM at Microsoft. If you are a large company looking for best practices this video may be helpful. If you are a smaller company you'll also gain insights to improve your product marketing and also you will better understand the PMM role at Microsoft which may help you with your business development and partnering efforts by better aligning to this roles interests within the company.

Go To Market Strategies: A Guide for Product Managers + Template

Carlos G de Villaumbrosia at Product School provides a decent set of resources for getting started pulling together a go-to-market. His graphic on product-market-fit provides a good take on the importance of product in this era of user-driven sales. If you just want the templates and other downloads I find useful from Product School's website, here are the links:

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